Welcome to LaserPro

For nearly 30 years, LaserPro has been supplying high quality imprinted products to the Awards & Engraving, Advertising Specialty, Promotional Product and Personalized Gift markets across the nation, as well as providing custom imprint services on customer supplied items. Our long history and vast industry knowledge and experience, allows us to source most any award product available, or create a truly custom item to fit your special requirements, to honor, inspire and motivate the recipient for years to come.

Custom Awards and Professional Engraving Services

At LaserPro Engraving, we utilize several tried-and-true techniques when imprinting the names of awards and the recipients who are receiving them on our products. Our most popular method is probably laser engraving, which can be used on any products that are made out of wood, marble, glass, acrylic, or metal. Nevertheless, we also offer a method called color-fill for wood, marble, and acrylic products, a method called sandblasting for glass and acrylic products, and a method called sublimation for metal products. We can help you choose the best method based on which award products you plan on purchasing from us.

Notably, LaserPro Engraving is a family-owned operation that always goes above and beyond to make sure our customers are completely satisfied with the purchases they make. We have a large selection of award products available and offer options for every budget. Whether you want simple plaques or standups that will stand out, LaserPro has you covered and will make sure you’re happy with whatever you decide to order from us.

Contact us at info@laserpro.net to learn more about our award products or to place an order.